New Dimension Extensions has been Arizona’s number one Hair extensions and Hair Regrowth Salon for over 3 decades!

For over 35 YEARS of fixing all types of hair and lash extensions, wearing all methods of extensions and Re-Education for the licensed salon professionals we train and mentor!  

Find out how YOU can grow your own hair while utilizing patented methods so that one day you nay no longer need hair or lash extensions with the Duo Team. 

This Wellness salon Business model and mantra was created by a 35 year licensed Holistic Hair Expert-Teacher, Published Ted Talk Speaker, Author, And Wellness Consultant CEO of New Dimension Extensions, HairDoc TK and her Colleague, Dr. Shannon, As her Clinical Aesthetic Practitioner.

Learn more about the CEO HairDoc TK here and why it’s all about Private Appts!

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Platinum Shadow Root

Specializing in Blonde Color Corrections and Fixing so many extensions since 1988 locally, its a priority to have a LICENSED professional to the complete job. Having extensions installed in one place and having to go elsewhere for color and cut is a disaster waiting to happen! Do YOUR research?

Brunette Toasted Bayalage

The newest craze now is balayage and this isn’t available from any of “unlicensed extension only salons ” we here at newdimensionsextensions are licensed for over 3 decades in over 7 & methods of extensions and cater solely to one on appts to focus on YOU and your hair needs utilizing plant-based color to complete the mantra of hair health and integrity for YOUR investment. This model is using great lengths extensions, which also is only for  the licensed salon professionals

Rose Gold Color Melt Pixie

This client has a pixie, with proper methods used and color correction after how can she not be happy? For so many extension methods, applicator SIZE and tip size, along with placement and sectioning, these are KEY factors for great results, and lastly, color and cut is key to finish the look desired and maintain the integrity of the natural  hair and the investment of your extensions

Blond Honey Beige Bayalage

Blonde do have more fun, and as a blonde hair expert, I understand the need for a more holistic color line and the best extensions for each individual. There is absolutely not one specific method for anyone and in order to complete the look color and cut are key!

Arizona’s Number One “Only Private”  Holistic Hair Extensions Salon Since 1988! 


Holistic, Licensed, Private!


The highest quality imported Custom Colored Human Hair Extensions and 7 Methods offered at an affordable price in Scottsdale Arizona!

Do you want to achieve a sexier more vibrant look? Relax for just a few hours where the focus is only YOU for the quality and peace of mind for your longterm investment!

 For our FAQS please read below we are not a SAME DAY APPT SALON as we hand make each client’s extensions to ensure the color match is undetectable and our reasons for not doing same-day appts!

35 Years Of Fixing Extensions & Color

 In a Private By Appt. only Salon 



Why so Private? The detail is key to have the best placement, method, and color CUSTOMIZED for YOU  and focus for YOUR Long Term Investment. So many "Extension Bars" are like the circle K of hair world now and their goal is fast quick in and out with a "membership" that grabs hair off a wall and does a quick install. Newdimensionextensions Salon is   against that way for extensions are extremely costly and one client at a time crucial for the integrity of the  health of the natural and the ability to reuse the hair you invested in. 

Licensed, Comfortable& Professional

Personalized Private Services

Many “Hair Extension Stylists, ” do not color or cut, which is a key element to longevity of the natural hair restoration process.  Ensuring the proper integrity of Hair Health and long term extensions use.  Most salons do not have licensed staff which is the core standard my business stands on, so be sure to do your research!

Holistic Hair Extensions

Hair Regrowth

Hair Health
Hair Restoration
EyeLash Enhancments
Scalp Therapy


What They Say


"I’m so glad I found  New Dimension Extensions Salon and HairDoc Tk with so many “average salons that only do extensions it seemed a bit odd to me why I can’t get a cut and color after my extensions. I’m so grateful for finding the Best, Honest, and Licensed  Master Hair Extensionist, and Color Specialist, not to mention she’s so “down to earth and her salon is extremely private focused on YOU solely. I’m so happy and pleased,  listen to my testimony. I have been amazed by her entire protocol, and actually have more hair now than I did prior the “other extension salon “ 



"TK, Thank you! I Can’t express enough how hard it was to find anyone in Arizona who would cut and color my hair integration piece or even take me on as a client. After getting to meet TK, I knew this was the place for me and I am so grateful that I did a live video testimonial for her. She imports her own hair and makes custom pieces like the one I’m wearing, and is one amazing lady who also has a charity for those with Hair loss and a Ted Talk about why hair loss is on the rise."

Thank You, Aleisha 


"My hair has never been so healthy! I have been to all of the poshest salons in Scottsdale but none have done what TK can do. We’ve worked to get the proper density back to my hair after it was damaged by another salon and I can actually feel, see and measure the amazing results. I’ve been a client of TK’s for five years now, with her holistic approach to hair restoration and use of organic products I’ll never leave. Thanks, TK!

Gretchen, Certified Training Instructor

Services Offered


Private By APPT. Only!

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Extend Your Inner Beauty, Naturally

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