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Color CorrectionSalon!

Are you looking for Hair Extensions and Color in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona? You're in the right place. Over the past three decades, New Dimension Extensions has been Arizona's number-one hair extension and hair regrowth salon!  I have been fixing and wearing hair extensions for over 35 years, as well as re-educating licensed salon professionals for over 35 years!

The key to understand this salon concept is given by the word "privacy". A private salon is a  full functioning salon where guests are seen one at a time. The purpose is for salon services to be rendered on a one-on-one basis with the stylist and that guests are taken care of immediately upon arrival and have a safe environment where the focus is on YOU and your hair health one strand at a time ! 

i was inspired to operate in such modality because of the clients investment, so they feel they can extend their hair, not their wallets in a more intimate, relaxed environment. Most Of the clients are in need of “corrective work” this requires focus and proper time , to repair  prior issues 



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Discover how my patented hair extensions technology and holistic hair systems can help you grow your own hair so you no longer need extensions one day.  Founder and CEO of New Dimension Extensions, HairDoc TK, has 35 years of experience as a Holistic Hair Expert-Teacher, Ted Talk Speaker, Author and Wellness Consultant.  Find out why HairDoc TK believes in a holistic approach to beauty here.


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Live Testimony!


Watch This Live Testimony On How I Repair Hair Extensions And Correct Blonde Hair  Color ! 


My Salon Services

Services Offered

Holistic Hair Extensions & Repair
Holistic Hair Extensions & Repair


Custom Precision Extensions Cutting -Blending
Custom Precision Extensions Cutting -Blending
Plant Based Hair Balayage
Plant Based Hair Balayage
Scalp Renew Treatments
Scalp Renew Treatments


Holistic Hair Gloss  Enhancements
Holistic Hair Gloss Enhancements


Ionic Hair Extension Treatments


A Private Tranquil Hair Salon!

Experience a one-on-one, customized session where your hair is the focus.  My salon will have a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  In contrast to other salons, I only schedule a limited number of appointments each day so that you get my full attention.  I would be happy to answer all your questions so that you receive the hair you love.  When you become a new client, we will conduct an initial consultation to learn about your concerns and hair care goals.  My goal is to ensure your hair and processes are safe, natural, and therapeutic so you look and feel great after our appointment. As an individual stylist, I strive to ensure your hair and processes are safe, natural, and therapeutic.  As a result, no matter what brings you in, you can rest assured I am here just for you. My Scottsdale, Arizona, salon has provided color corrections and hair extensions to clients since 1988.


Platinum Shadow Root

Specializing in Blonde Color Corrections and Fixing so many extensions since 1988 locally, its a priority to have a LICENSED professional to the complete job. Having extensions installed in one place and having to go elsewhere for color and cut is a disaster waiting to happen! Do YOUR research?


Brunette Toasted Bayalage

The newest craze now is balayage and this isn't available from any of "unlicensed extension only salons " we here at newdimensionsextensions are licensed for over 3 decades in over 7 & methods of extensions and cater solely to one on appts to focus on YOU and your hair needs utilizing plant-based color to complete the mantra of hair health and integrity for YOUR investment. This model is using great lengths extensions, which also is only for  the licensed salon professionals


Rose Gold Color Melt Pixie

This client has a pixie, with proper methods used and color correction after how can she not be happy? For so many extension methods, applicator SIZE and tip size, along with placement and sectioning, these are KEY factors for great results, and lastly, color and cut is key to finish the look desired and maintain the integrity of the natural  hair and the investment of your extensions

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Blond Honey Beige Bayalage

Blonde do have more fun, and as a blonde hair expert, I understand the need for a more holistic color line and the best extensions for each individual. There is absolutely not one specific method for anyone and in order to complete the look color and cut are key!

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  This salon is upscale, relaxed and private. TK is a hair genius. I'm a person who wants to look good and wants to be in style,... read more

thumb Janne L.

  I recently moved here from the Midwest and needed to find a new hair pro to install and maintenance my extensions. After an exhausting search, found TK at New Dimension... read more

thumb J M G.

  I will travel anywhere to have my extensions done by TK. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a master in extensions!!!! The best hair that has lasted a year and... read more

thumb Patty L.

  I have been going to TK for two years. I love how my hair looks and I get compliments all the time. I especially like the attention and privacy TK... read more

thumb Birgit W.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you tired of wasting money on inferior extensions? Would you prefer to have your hair cut and colored by the same professional?
Do you want an expert to fix what they did to your hair? 
A licensed experienced hair professional that can color and cut  is what you need! 

Extensions are available in over 8 different methods. Make sure you get the right method for YOUR individual needs and not be "sold" any method just to persuade you.

Why Private Consultations?

What Is The Process and Product  Like? 

Why is this salon Different!

Relax in a one-on-one, personalized session where your hair is the focus.  The atmosphere at my salon will be comfortable and welcoming. 

Only a limited number of consuling and or service appointments are scheduled each day so that you get my full attention, not just in and out like other salons.

  To ensure that you receive the hair that you love, I'd be happy to answer all your questions. 

As a new client, you will get an initial consultation so we can learn about your concerns and goals for hair care. 

My goal is to meet your individual needs so you are able to look wonderful and be confident in your long-term investment with me after our appointment.

Do You Offer Same Day Appts?

I do not generally provide same-day appointments for these reasons:

 I am not a chain so I focus on only 1 or 2 clients a day to be able to give you the personalized service that is required and that you deserve.

At the consultation, we decide which system, method, and colors you would like to achieve, and the appointment can be booked within the next few days.

This is to ensure that your hair will receive the best methods and color, catering to your desires with the end result saving you money and time. I want you to be satisfied with your investment!

I do not do “move-ups,” like the other salons. I physically take all the hair out and put it all back in different sections manually, again, to ensure the integrity of the hair health long term and grow your investment.

I do not operate like most of the other average “extension only salons.”

I cater to hair extension repair, color correction, hair restoration and education using my New Dimension Extensions llc™ brand tools and premium hair that are like no other.

With that said, I have certified, mentored, and handpicked stylists in Arizona that I have personally trained for the last 3 decades 

If the same-day appointment is required you may purchase the hair the same day from my online and or in-salon store  At that time I can recommend one of my certified loc docs, hair extenders, or trichologists.

Will The Color Match My Own Hair ?

Fine hair is very very common, as I grew up with this and have been wearing hair extensions for 30 years, so that’s not an issue at all because that’s most of my clientele.

The only issue that may come into play is when a stylist is not well-versed in several methods of extensions, or is not licensed.

Licensed professional are education by the board of cosmetology about basic and scalp medical issues.

Color or technique is appropriate for everyone and we can determine your best solution with an in-person consultation.

Why Is This Way Different ?


I am not like any other “ average extension only salons “

I am a 35 plus year Licensed cosmetologist, Multi/ Licensed in 4 states , with a 25 year Cosmetology Instructor License , and Have worn ever method I Offer and teach successfully while regrowing my own natural hair for over 3 decades !

I cater to hair extensions REPAIR , color corrections , hair restoration, and advanced education utilizing my current patent pending tools , training , and imported premium hair “ Strandnz”  Brand , imported  premium Hair  like no other!

With that being said , I have certified and hand picked stylists that I have personally trained in Arizona , who follow my vision and mantra

If a same day appointment is required for a specific event you may purchase hair from my online store here and I will gladly connect you with one off my certified loc docs , Trichologists or hair extenders  to be sure your getting the best quality , method and application right for YOU .

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