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Looking for Hair Extensions in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona? You’ve come to the right place.  New Dimension Extensions has been Arizona’s number one Hair extensions and Hair Regrowth Salon for over 3 decades!

For over 35 YEARS of fixing all types of hair and lash extensions, wearing all methods of extensions and Re-Education for the licensed salon professionals we train and mentor!

Find out how YOU can grow your own hair while utilizing patented methods so that one day you nay no longer need hair or lash extensions with this patented hair extensions technology And holistic hair systems .

This Hair Extensions Wellness Salons  Business model and mantra was created by a 35 year licensed Holistic Hair Expert-Teacher, Published Ted Talk Speaker, Author, And Wellness Consultant CEO of New Dimension Extensions, HairDoc TK

Learn more about the CEO HairDoc TK here and why it's all about Private Appts for YOUR investment and health !

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Licensed, Comfortable& Professional

Personalized Private Services

Be RELAXED for the day and focus on solely YOU in our Private Wellness Salon Setting.

Many "Hair Extension Stylists, " operate as a corporation with a revolving door, my salon isn't this way. As I'm Ensuring the proper integrity of Hair Health and long-term extensions use with a more focused one on one approach. 

Most salons do not have licensed staff  as well , which is the core standard my business stands on, so be sure to do your research!

Platinum Shadow Root

Specializing in Blonde Color Corrections and Fixing so many extensions since 1988 locally, its a priority to have a LICENSED professional to the complete job. Having extensions installed in one place and having to go elsewhere for color and cut is a disaster waiting to happen! Do YOUR research?

Brunette Toasted Bayalage

The newest craze now is balayage and this isn't available from any of "unlicensed extension only salons " we here at newdimensionsextensions are licensed for over 3 decades in over 7 & methods of extensions and cater solely to one on appts to focus on YOU and your hair needs utilizing plant-based color to complete the mantra of hair health and integrity for YOUR investment. This model is using great lengths extensions, which also is only for  the licensed salon professionals

Rose Gold Color Melt Pixie

This client has a pixie, with proper methods used and color correction after how can she not be happy? For so many extension methods, applicator SIZE and tip size, along with placement and sectioning, these are KEY factors for great results, and lastly, color and cut is key to finish the look desired and maintain the integrity of the natural  hair and the investment of your extensions

Blond Honey Beige Bayalage

Blonde do have more fun, and as a blonde hair expert, I understand the need for a more holistic color line and the best extensions for each individual. There is absolutely not one specific method for anyone and in order to complete the look color and cut are key!

Arizona's Number One “Only Private”  Holistic Hair Extensions Salon Since 1988! 


Holistic, Licensed, Private!


The highest quality imported Custom Colored Human Hair Extensions and 7 Methods offered at an affordable price in Scottsdale Arizona! All Holistic Private services

Do you want to achieve a sexier more vibrant look? Relax for just a few hours where the focus is only YOU for the quality and peace of mind for your longterm investment!


Do you provide same-day appointment ?

I do not generally provide same-day appointments for these reasons:

 I am not a chain so I focus on only 1 or 2 clients a day to be able to give you the personalized service that is required and that you deserve.

At the consultation, we decide which system, method, and colors you would like to achieve, and the appointment can be booked within the next few days.

This is to ensure that your hair will receive the best methods and color, catering to your desires with the end result saving you money and time. I want you to be satisfied with your investment!

I do not do “move-ups,” like the other salons. I physically take all the hair out and put it all back in different sections manually, again, to ensure the integrity of the hair health long term and grow your investment.

I do not operate like most of the other average “extension only salons.”

I cater to hair extension repair, color correction, hair restoration and education using my New Dimension Extensions llc™ brand tools and premium hair that are like no other.

With that said, I have certified, mentored, and handpicked stylists in Arizona that I have personally trained for the last 3 decades 

If the same-day appointment is required you may purchase the hair the same day from my online and or in-salon store  At that time I can recommend one of my certified loc docs, hair extenders, or trichologists.


How long does my hair need to be?

I have worked with nearly 10,000 clients with all lengths and textures of hair. I have worked with countless clients with very short or pixie style cuts. I, myself, have suffered from hair loss due to cancer and am trained in seven methods of extensions in order to appeal to all hair lengths and textures. A minimum of one to two inches is needed as a foundation for application.

How will the color match ? And the Cut ?

How do I get the color to match and blend?

I am a 30-year veteran of the hair industry and I have trained internationally. I was a platform color educator for Aveda for 20 years, until recently relocating to Arizona.

I have merged with a company called Forumla 18 where I educate clients, consumers, and stylists on customized color blends using holistic color products.

I have chosen these companies to work with because they use low ammonia, no formaldehyde, and are paraben and gluten free.

When it comes to extensions, as a rule of thumb I always recommend that clients get their hair cut and colored at the same salon at which you get your extensions installed.

This approach ensures complete consistency with color and also ensures that the integrity of your hair health is maintained. This is one scenario where you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen.

I have very fine hair. How will I know if I am a good candidate for hair extensions?

Fine hair is very very common, as I grew up with this and have been wearing hair extensions for 30 years, so that’s not an issue at all because that’s most of my clientele.

The only issue that may come into play is when a stylist is not well-versed in several methods of extensions, or is not licensed.

Licensed professional are education by the board of cosmetology about basic and scalp medical issues.

Color or technique is appropriate for everyone and we can determine your best solution with an in-person consultation.


How Much Does Each Extension System Cost?

As each person is unique in terms of hair texture, needs, expectations, and budget, I offer customized consultation and evaluation for each new client inside my private Scottsdale studio in order to determine needs and cost.

How Much Is The Hair Every Time?

If the hair is treated correctly and taken care of, hair should be able to be reused for up to one year. At the time of the first installation, I provide educational materials, products and tools for at-home use which will help you to take care of your new locs for months to come. Each extension method requires a different timeline for re-application, but the average is 14 to 16 weeks after initial installation. When a cut and color is needed, those services are provided at a separate cost in my private studio salon utilizing my organic processes, tools, and methods to maintain the integrity of my imported organic hair.

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