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Why Is This Extension Salon Different?

This is NOT a chain , no walk-ins one person and you won't be shoved off to an assistant or a colorist ALL the work is done by the HairDoc so there are no “mistakes “ specially with the CUTTING

Everyone nowadays seems to think they can provide quality hair extensions regardless of their experience, certifications, or lack of proper licensing. Since I've been fixing hair extensions for over three decades, I should know that not all hair extensions are created equal. Additionally, I have been wearing hair extensions for almost as long. The best education on hair, health, and wellness for the beauty, entertainment, and medical industries for over 30 years has been provided by me, as I have tried and worn every method of extension available since 1988!  

Relax in a one-on-one, personalized session where your hair is the focus.  The atmosphere at my salon will be comfortable and welcoming.  Only a limited number of appointments are scheduled each day so that you get my full attention, not just in and out like other salons.  To ensure that you receive the hair that you love, I'd be happy to answer all your questions.  As a new client, you will get an initial consultation so we can learn about your concerns and goals for hair care.  My goal is to meet your individual needs so you are able to look wonderful and be confident in your long-term investment with me after our appointment.As a One-on-one stylist, I thrive to ensure your hair and processes are safe, natural, and therapeutic.  With this, no matter why you are coming in, you can be confident knowing I am here for just YOU. Since 1988, I have been providing color corrections and hair extensions to my clients in my Scottsdale, Arizona, salon.


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