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New youll Dimension Extensions ™is founded and created by me, Hairdoctk C.E.O., a Color Educator, Hair Advocate, Wellness Guru, and Advanced Platform Hair Extension Teacher..trained by Master Hair Extensionist’s and Advanced Color and Cutting Specialists in Atlanta (ATL), Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ), New York (NY), Chicago(CHI), Vegas (LV), and internationally in Europe, i will always be a “life artist”.

With over 35 +years in the beauty, entertainment, and medical industries and vast personal experiences, I’ve personally tried and successfully worn every top hair extension method to be able to create my own hair extension programs utilizing science, ph balanced products, vitamins, supplements, and healthy lifestyle choices.

This enables long lasting results to help clients grow there hair back and increase density . In stabilizing the bodies PH we try to achieve a balance so that one day they will no longer need hair extensions or hair replacements.

I am a licensed cosmetologist, teacher of cosmetology,color specialist with an Eco friendly line,nutritionist, thinning hair specialist, and certified in hair extension applications such as eurolocs, hairlocs, great lengths, so cap, dream catchers , cold fusion, mega, monkey bars, Cinderella, babes, NBR, speedy Wefts , sewing, braiding, hairpieces, wigs, strand by strand and Savashana lash extensions.

Since 1988 I have been trained with Aveda, Chi, Mac, Swartzkoft, and Enjoy. I also was hired as a Platform Educator and guest speaker in various hair shows, magazines and seen on channel 5 with the morning makeover show.

Im Certified with every major hair extension and eyelash extension method and vast experiences, research, and integrity, I have recreated many lives internally and externally with my passion talent and loyalty to provide the best to my clients.

I personally color, hi lite, and devote many hours custom blending every single strand of hair for each client to ensure uniqueness and create my masterpiece of hair and eyelash extension art.

As my teachers have trained me I am now able to offer one on one personally advanced education and internships along with my 35 years  in the wellness and medical fields I am a product of my own environment and have created the “hair regrowth” programs. Welcome to the New Dimension of Extensions ™

Renew, Re-use and Recycle Your Hair Extensions

That’s right ladies. When you get your hair done by me I can show you my methods and products to use that will allow your hair extensions to last for a long, long time.

After 35+ years of personal hands on experience, on-going advanced training classes, and a vast world of knowledge in the medical, beauty, and wellness fields, I have learned to utilize Eco Friendly, pH balanced products with all of my personalized and custom salon services and my hair regrowth programs.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder @30 I decided to find a healthier alternative in hair, skin, makeup and body care to service myself, and my clients without compromising the integrity of our health and wellness but still be able to offer cosmetic services to enhance our self esteem externally while creating positive neurons in the brain to release positive energy flow internally. Hair/skin/body is extremely important to most all of us and our sense of well being.

Since 1988 I have been wearing extensions, fixing extensions, teaching extensions and REGROWING hair at the same time with my patented holistic hair extensions and apothecary line of hair care

I’m a local  Hollywood  retired Stunt and Theater Sag Trained actress that specializes in Holistic Hair Extensions and Restoration  ,Holistic Color Correction Services and Advanced extension training with over 35 years of experience and commitment to the community and my industries.

My practices and advanced training  utilize technology that literally regrows hair utilizing all products That are holistic safe and effective

 I pratice no judgement in business and  practice. And have become a mentor in the community with a salon directory to continue to mentor my license professionals and long term integrity

I have been dedicated to my professional for over 35 years in the beauty, entertainment, and medical industries

Natural Beaded Row Method

Wefted or beaded rows have been around for decades longer than I have and can be referred to as speedy weaves, beaded wefts, flat tracks, skin wefts, lace frontals, natural beaded rows, wefted rows, Clix, etc.

Strand by Strand Method

STRAND BY STRAND EXTENSIONS  methods can be named but not limited to hairlocs, eurolocs, dream catchers, micro links, miro locs, babes, ITips, beads, Cinderella hair, etc. I utilize the strand by strand method the most as it’s using the smallest capsules in pure copper elements with a holistic hair repair approach in mind that I import for my salon for over 3 decades now.

Keratin Cold Fusion Hair Extension Method

Cold fusion or keratin extension methods can also be referred to as great lengths, fusion,utips, protein bonds,shrinkies, snuggies, etc. I  offer the proper applicator methods to use specifically for each attachment to selected areas, assessment for each client’s needs and or medical issues.

Tape-In Hair Extension Method

Tape in Wefts  Extension  Methods. Wefted or seamless rows have been around for decades longer than I have and can be referred to as speedy weaves, wefts, flat tracks, tapes, skin wefts. I have worn tape-ins for over 2 decades and strand by strand very successfully and I have very fine hair. .

Wefted Sew-In Hair Extension Method

Sew In  Extension Methods Wefted rows have been around for decades longer than I have and can be referred to as speedy weaves, beaded wefts, flat tracks, wefts, lace frontals, sew-ins, cornrows.

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