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Med Spa Services

Scalp and Skin Analysis

Trichology is the study of hair and its science. Utilizing a periscope can evaluate the dermis and its underlying conditions enabling us to recommend proper scalp and hair restoration while using extensions as your barrier.


Hair IV Therapy

With my business model as wellness and restoration, i offer Iv therapy which assist in the reproduction of collagen and aids to lower DHT which adds to long term hair loss and micronutrition

InFared Light Therapy Sessions

Most hair loss starts within. Maintaining the integrity of YOUR hair health and your investments is my goal to ensure optimal results keeping the PH at a balance.


Scalp Analysis

Holistic hair health and wellness at its finest with everything YOU need to experience the best hair extensions experience with a holistic approach for over 3 decades! Maintaining your hair health while utilizing naturopathic protocols


Detox The Scalp

Getting to the Root Issues of Hair Loss and Hair Restoration. Activated Charcoal and aloe are some of my main base ingredients for scalp renew. It also ensures the longevity of your extensions 

Laser Treatments

Why do we have so much hair loss? Chemicals in the air and ongoing stress tend to weaken the follically. Utilizing red light therapy daily will prevent heavy metal overload on the scalp

Stem Cell Light Therapy

Holistic hair health and wellness at its finest. I practice EVERYTHING we preach and utilizing all of my patented methods to be able to of all of YOU the same results that are safe , effective and therapeutic 

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