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Color & Cut With All Extension Services

All extensions are custom blended and custom colored prior to application in the salon for an easy transition and blend with natural hair. The Salon's business model is tailored to each client's customized work.


Private Holistic Experiences

Welcome to New Dimension Extensions Arizona, the top Hair Extension and Hair Repair Salon. We are a one-on-one private appointment business model owned and operated by TK, The HairDoc, an expert in holistic hair care, wellness education, and advanced salon training. The salon is like NO OTHER "Extension only "Salon, specializing in CORRECTIVE  work utilizing holistic services and products to maintain the integrity of YOU YOUR hair health, and YOUR long-term investment.


Hair Extensions

These days, everyone seems to think they can provide quality hair extensions regardless of their experience, certification, or licensing. After you have your extensions installed, you should never go "somewhere else" or be in a "membership" commitment for numerous reasons, which I will explain during your consultation.


Need Hair Extension Repair?

Everyone nowadays thinks they can provide quality hair extensions regardless of their experience, certifications, or lack of proper licensing. Since I've been fixing hair extensions for over three decades, I should know that not all hair extensions are created equal. Additionally, I have been wearing hair extensions for almost as long. The best education on hair, health, and wellness for the beauty, entertainment, and medical industries for over 30 years has been provided by me, as I have tried and worn every method of extension available since 1988!  If your extensions need fixing, let me know, I can fix them so you look great again.

Customized Cutting

Are you currently not having your extensions cut by your Extensionist? The number of "Extension Only" salons is growing rapidly in our area, and many of them aren't even licensed professionals. For your natural hair and your investment, I am committed to re-educating you about blending and cutting techniques.


Ionic Hair Extension Treatments

Extensions can't be nourished as your natural hair so I offer monthly treatments to maintain the integrity of the cuticle, giving you a long lasting results so you can reuse your hair for up to a year if you follow, my frequently asked questions and maintenance protocols

Customized Color

The Salon’s business mantra and model is catered to each client customize work, the hair extensions, and the natural hair is color to match perfectly all extensions are custom blended and custom colored in the salon prior to the application for an easy transition and blend so the extensions ALWAYS match your hair and long term hair goals 

Cuts & Color

Don’t Need Extensions? No worries after 35 years of research and development, or use a plant-based color line to maintain your hair's integrity long-term

Using the latest plant-based color technology, pee, peptides, resurrection plants, tamarind, and coconut-infused healing color, HairDocTK the CEO of Newdimensionextensions has always focused on hair health and long-term repair.



Bayalage Hair

What is  Bayalage? Bayalage is a French word meaning to paint or to sweep. It offers a soft Sunkist sweeping color from route to end. It is technically a highlighting technique, but it's not to be confused with the foiled highlights of the past opt for utilizing hair extensions as your dimension rather than so much bayalage "lighting. "

Ombre Hair

How I Fix Ombre Using Extensions

Brassy and harsh, "Ombre " won't let you out of your house without wearing a hat. Meanwhile, using a corrective color shampoo and curling the ends to disguise The problem until you get to see me. let me warn you color correct in Ombre will always be more expensive than having a new service on undamaged hair trimming up the ends will be an option to consider and adding a few extensions for the Color Pop to maintain the integrity.


Scalp Health& Gloss Treatments

Maintaining your scalp Health  is essential and ensuring that the extensions are able to maintain long-term wear, without affecting the natural hair regrowth . having over 35 years of experience being license and understanding all of your hair needs are utilize a product plant-based to strengthen while conditioning coloring and glossing


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  • Halo Keratin

ALL Hair Services Are Customized To Fit You!

Private, Licensed, Holistic

Relax in a one-on-one, personalized session where your hair is the focus.  The atmosphere at my salon will be comfortable and welcoming.  Only a limited number of appointments are scheduled each day so that you get my full attention, not just in and out like other salons.  To ensure that you receive the hair that you love, I'd be happy to answer all your questions.  As a new client, you will get an initial consultation so we can learn about your concerns and goals for hair care.  My goal is to meet your individual needs so you are able to look wonderful and be confident in your long-term investment with me after our appointment.


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